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RATIO - Company matches gifts at a ratio other than 1:1

       D - Board of Directors are eligible to have gifts matched.

       R - Retired employees are eligible to have gifts matched.

       S - Spouses of employees are eligible to have gifts matched.

       $ - Minimum donation amount.

Please be advised that due to changes within individual corporate policies, we cannot guarantee that the list is completely accurate.  The list is provided as a guide of potential companies that offer or have offered matching gift programs in the past.  Please check with the individual company to determine if they have a matching gift program and the respective guidelines.


This is a list of companies whose name begin with the letter


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PACCAR, Inc.   (D   $100)

PBC Pepsi Beverages Company   (R   S   D   $25)

PEI Playboy Enterprises, Inc.   ($25)

PGE Portland General Electric Corp.   (R   D   $10)

PIMCO Foundation   ($25)

PJC Piper Jaffray Companies, Inc.   R   D   $50)

PJM Interconnection LLC   (D   $25)

PNC Financial Sercies Group   (D   $50)

PNM Resources, Inc   (R   $25)

PNM Volunteer Grants

PPG GIVE (Grant Incentives for Volunteerism)   (R)

PPG Industries   ($25)

PPL Services Corporation   (R   D   $50)

PSCU Financial Services, Inc.   ($25)

PSEG Public Service Electric & Gas Co.,   (R   D   $20)

PT Consultants, Inc.   ($25)

PTC Parametric Technology Corporation   ($50)

Pacific Life Insurance Company   (D   $50)

Palisades Safety and Insurance Management Corp.   (2:1)

Palomar Ventures

Parker-Hannifin Corporation   (R   D   $20)

Patriot Coal Corporation   ($50)

Peabody Energy Corporation   ($50)

Pearce, Brinkley, Ease & Lee P.A.

Pearson Education   ($25)

Pearson, Inc.   ($25)

Penguin Group (USA) Inc.   ($25)

Pennsylvania National Mutual Caualty Insurance Co.

Pentair, Inc.   (R   D   $25)

Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas   (R   D   $10)

Peoples Natural Gas   ($25)

PepsiCo, Inc.   (R   S   D   $25)

Pequot Capitol Management Inc.   (2:1   $25)

Perry Capitaol LLC   ($25)

Petters Group Wourldwide, LLC

Pew Charitable Trusts   (2:1   D   $25)

Pfizer   (R   D   $25)

Pharmacia Retiree Program   (R   $25)

Philadelphia Internatioanl Advisors   ($25)

Philips North America Corporation   ($10)

Phoenix Companies   (D   $25)

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.   (R   $25)

Pitney Bowes, Inc.   (R   S   D   $25)

Plainfield Asset Management, LLC

Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc.   (D   $25)

Polk Brothers Foundation

Polycom, Inc.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.   ($25)

Post-Newsweek Stations, Inc.   (2:1   $25)

Power Integration   ($25)

Precor (Specific List Eligible)

Preffered Personnel Solutions

Preformed Line Products Company   (R   D   $25)

Premier, Inc.   ($50)

Premier, Inc Volunteer Program   ($100)

Prime Therapeutics, LLC   (D)

Principal Financial Group   (R   S   D   $50)

ProQuest LLC   ($25)

Progressive Corporation   ($20)

Prospect Hill Foundation   ($25)

Prudential Financial   (R   D   $5)

Publix Super Markets, Inc.   (D   $25)

Puget Sound Energy   (R   D   $25)

Putnam, LLC   ($25)




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