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RATIO - Company matches gifts at a ratio other than 1:1

       D - Board of Directors are eligible to have gifts matched.

       R - Retired employees are eligible to have gifts matched.

       S - Spouses of employees are eligible to have gifts matched.

       $ - Minimum donation amount.

Please be advised that due to changes within individual corporate policies, we cannot guarantee that the list is completely accurate.  The list is provided as a guide of potential companies that offer or have offered matching gift programs in the past.  Please check with the individual company to determine if they have a matching gift program and the respective guidelines.


This is a list of companies whose name begin with the letter


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 J.M. Huber Corporation  (R  D  $1)

J. Paul Getty Trust   ($50)

J.P. Morgan Chase & Company - Cash Matching   ($24)

Jacobs ESTS Group, Inc.  (25)

JBT John Bean Technologies Corporation  (D  $25)

JC Penney's (Volunteer Only)  (R  $50)

JK Group Inc.  ($25)

JP Morgan Chase Foundation Team Volunteer Grants  ($150)

JP Morgan Chase Individual Volunteer Matching  (R  $150)

Janus Capital Group, Inc.  (D  $20)

Jefferies & Company, Inc.  (S  D  $1)

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation  (3:1  R  D  $50)

John Hancock Financial Services  ($25)

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Publishers  (3:1   S   D)

Jones Lang LaSalle  ($25)

Joyce Foundation  ($25)

Juniper Networks  ($25)




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