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RATIO - Company matches gifts at a ratio other than 1:1

       D - Board of Directors are eligible to have gifts matched.

       R - Retired employees are eligible to have gifts matched.

       S - Spouses of employees are eligible to have gifts matched.

       $ - Minimum donation amount.

Please be advised that due to changes within individual corporate policies, we cannot guarantee that the list is completely accurate.  The list is provided as a guide of potential companies that offer or have offered matching gift programs in the past.  Please check with the individual company to determine if they have a matching gift program and the respective guidelines.


This is a list of companies whose name begin with


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BAE Systems  ($25)

BAE Systems, E&IS, Network Systems  ($200)

BAF Basic America Foods, Inc.  ($25)

BCD Travel  ($25)

BD Becton Dickson and Company  ($R  D  $25)

BG Americas & Global LNG

BGI Barclay's Global Investors  ($25)

BGInc. Barnes Group, Inc.  (2:1  S  D  $25)

BHP Billton  ($15)

BMIC Builders Mutual Insurance Co.  ($25)

BNSF Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway  ($100)

BNY Bank of New York Company Mellon Corp  ($50)

BOH Brothers Construction Co.  ($25)

BTMU Capital Corp.

Babson Capital Management LLC  ($50)

Badger Meter, Inc.  ($50)

Baker Hughes, Inc.  ($100)

Baltimore Life Insurance Company  (R  D  $25)

Bank of America Corporation  (D  $25)

Bank of America Volunteer Grants  (D  $250)

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.  (S  D  $25)

Bank of the West Employee Giving Campaign  (D  $1)

Bank-Fund Staff FCU  ($100)

Banner Life Insurance Company

Barclays Capital Inc.  (R  $20)

Barclays Wealth Americas  ($75)

Barrett Technology, Inc.  ($25)

Barriere Construction Co.  LLC  (R  D)

Bath Iron Works  (R  D  $25)

Baupost Group

Baxter International, Inc.  (D  $25)

Beam, Inc  (D  $25)

Beckman Coulter, Inc.  (D  $50)

Bemis Company, Inc.  (2:1  R  D  $25)

Beneficial Financial Group  (R  D  $25)

Benjamin Moore & Company  (2:1  R  $25)

Berkadia Commercial Mortgage, LLC  ($25)

Berkley Mid-Atlantic Group

Berkshire Property Advisors LLC

Berwind Group  (R  D  $25)

Best Buy Company Tag Team  (Volunteering)  (D)

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  (3:1  R  D)

Birkenstock USA, LP  ($10)

Bison Gear and Engineering Corporation

BlackRock, Inc.  ($50)

Blount, Inc.  (D  $25)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana (LA 501c3's only)  (R  D  $100)

Blue Cross Blue Shielf of Nebraska  ($25)

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont

Blue Shield of California (CA Non-Profits Only)  (DD  $20) 

BlueLinx Holdings  ($25)

Boeing Holdings  ($25)

Boeing Company Monetary Donations  (R  $25)

Boeing Company Volunteer Program  ($250)

Bon Ton Department Stores  (R  $25)

Bonneville International Corporation  (R  D  $25)

Booth-Bricker Fund (Trustees Only)  ($50)

Brady Corporation  ($25)

Brainerd Foundation  (2:1  $10)

Brakeley Briscoe, Inc.  ($50)

Brinks Company  ($25)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company  (R  D  $25)

Brookfield Asset Management Inc.  ($50)

Brookfield Properties Corporation  ($25)

Brookmeade Inc.

Brown Foundation, Inc.  (D  $50)

Brown-Forman Corporation  ($25)

Buckeye Partners

Bullitt Foundation  (3:1  D)

Bunge North America, Inc.  (R  $1)

Business & Legal Reports, Inc.  ($25)

Business Wire  ($100)


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