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RATIO - Company matches gifts at a ratio other than 1:1

       D - Board of Directors are eligible to have gifts matched.

       R - Retired employees are eligible to have gifts matched.

       S - Spouses of employees are eligible to have gifts matched.

       $ - Minimum donation amount.

Please be advised that due to changes within individual corporate policies, we cannot guarantee that the list is completely accurate.  The list is provided as a guide of potential companies that offer or have offered matching gift programs in the past.  Please check with the individual company to determine if they have a matching gift program and the respective guidelines.


This is a list of companies whose name begin with


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A&B Alexander & Baldwin Foundation  ($250)

A&B Alexander & Baldwin Inc. (R  D  $50)

A.W.G. Dewar, Inc.  ($25)

AARP Giving Campaing

AB AlllianceBernstein Holdings L.P.  (S  $25)

ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc.  ($25)

ADA-ES, Inc.

ADM Archer-Daniels Midland  ($100)

AEC Annie E. Casey Foundation  (2:1  S  $25)

AES Corporation  ($25)

AIG American International Group Inc.  (2:1  S  $25)

AJG Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.  (R  D  $50)

AMD Advanced Micro Devises  (S  $25)

AMSTED Industries Incorporated  (D  $50)

AOL Inc.  (R  $25)

APL Limited  ($25)

ATAPCO  ($50)

ATC American Transmission Company  LLC  ($25)

ATK Alliant Techsystems Inc.  (D  $50)

ATMI  ($25)

AXA Financial  (S  D  $50)

AXIS Capital Holdings Limited   ($50)

Abbott Laboratories  (R  S  D  $25)

Aboda, Inc.  ($10)

Acadian Asset Management

Access Group, Inc.

Ace Charitable Foundation  ($25)

Acuity Brands, Inc.  (D  $50)

Acxiom Corporation  ($50)

Ada County Association of Realtors  (D  $50)

Adelante Capital Management LLC  ($500)

Adobe Systems Inc.  (D  $15)

Aera Energy LLC  (2:1)

Aetna, Inc - Matching personal Donations  (R  S  D)

AgriBank, FCB  ($20)

Air Liquide USA LLC  ($25)

Akzo Nobel Inc.  ($25)

Alaska Air Group, Inc.  ($50)

Albemarle Foundation  (R  D  $50)

Alexander Haas  ($50)

Alexian Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  ($50)

Allegro Micro Systems, Inc.  ($25)

Alliance Data  ($25)

Alliance One International, Inc.  (D  $25)

Alliant Energy Corporation  (R  D  $25)


Alstom Power (Midlothian, VA Only)

Alterra Group, Inc. 

Altria Group, Inc.  (D  $25) 

Alyeska Pipline Service Company  ($25)

Ambac Financial Group, Inc.  (D  $100)

American Academy of Dermatology

American Century Investments  ($100)

American Express Company  (D  $25)

American Honda Motor Co, Inc.  ($50)

American Refining Group, Inc.  ($25)

American Safety Insurance

American Tower Corporation  ($25)

Ameriprise Fian.Employees/Employee Advisors P1  (R  D  $25)

Amerisure Mutal Insurance Company  (R  D  $100)

Amgen, Inc.  (D  $50)

Amica Mutal Insurance Company  (1,  5:1  R  S  D  $30)

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  ($250)

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation  (2:1  R  D  $25)

Analog Devises, Inc.  ($20)

Anchor Brewing Co.  

Anchor Capital Advisors,  LLC  (D  $100)

Anchor QEA, LLC  ($25)

Andersons, Inc.  (D  $50)

Andrews McMeel Universal  (D  $50)

Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.  ($100)

Annett Holdings, Inc/TMC Transportation

Appached Corporation  (D  $25)

Apex Foundation  ($50)


Applied Materials  ($25)

AptaGroup Charitable Foundation  (2:1  $50)

ArcelorMittal  ($50)

Arch Chemicals Inc.  (R  D  $50)

Arete Associatees  (D  $100)

Argo Group US  (1  5:1  R  D  $25)

Arkansas Best Corporation  (D  $100)

Arkwright Foundation  (R  S  D  $25)

Armstrong World Industries  (D  $50)

Art Technology Group, Inc  (D  $25)

Ashland Dollars for Doers Program

Aspect Software, Inc  (D  $25)

Assent, LLC

Assurant Employee Benefits  (R  D  $25)

Assurant Health  (R  $20)

Assurant, Inc.  ($25)

Athens Group, Inc.


Auto Club Inter-Insurance Exchange  ($25)

AutoZone, Inc.  ($25)

Autodesk, Inc.  (D  $50)

Autonomy Corporation USA

Aviagen Group  ($10)

Avia USA  (R  $25)

Avon Products, Inc.  (D  $25)

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